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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hang Zhou

I went to Hang Zhou once. A 3 days 2 nights trip.

I will only focus on HangZhou as I personally feel that it is the best among the China destinations. I wouldn't want to criticize anything about China. So, this post is only about the pros of China.

Hangzhou, which is famous for many things. From "Dragon-Well Tea", to the legend of "Lady White Snake", from the "Song City" to "Xi Hu" and the tales of "The Butterfly Lover". Midi for the butterfly lover, click here. If you want a very much nicer version, let me know.

As I don't know how to appreciate tea, so, I wouldn't want to comment anything about the tea.

I've forgotten the legen of "Lady White Snake", but as what I know, the monk is evil.

"The Butterfly Lovers" is a story where a girl who named Zhu Ying Tai, disguised in a form of a man, went to study at the Dong Lin School. After that, she fell in love in a guy who named Liang Shan Bo. After that she tried her best to hint Liang she is actually a girl and she loves him. But Liang is a nerd, he didn't know anything. Until Zhu's parents urged Zhu to go back to her home. She missed Liang and told Liang about her feeling towards him. Zhu's parents splited them and Liang fell sick and died. So, when Zhu was on the way back to her home, she passed by Liang's grave. The weather changed suddenly. Strong wind and Heavy downpour occured. The grave opened and she jumped into it. After that, the weather changed back to normal. And 2 butterflies appears at the grave and flew away together. We passed by the Dong Lin School, and also crossed the "Chang Qiao (Long Bridge)" which is only about 10 metres, and that's where they paktoh from the morning until evening. Sound so foolish. OK, no criticizing.

But after we passed by the Dong Lin School...

Me : "Oh... this is the school where the couples studied here before."
Tour Guide : "Yeah. This is."
Me : "So, where's their grave ah?"
Tour Guide : *LOL "Don't know."

Xi Hu is nice. But I think it has already been described by Rojaks once before. And then, if you go to Xu Hu during the Mooncake Festival, you can see altogether 33 moons. I still remember how.

Song Cheng. The city of the olden Song Dynasty. It is actually a heritage where you can get the atmosphere of the Song Dynasty. Staffs in it are wearing those traditional clothes, buildings and structures are based on ancient Song Dynasty style. Very nice. There is also fortress and visitors can climb on top of it.

Tour Guide : "At here, you can find anything you want from the olden days. How they weight your weight, how those soldiers wear, the building of the "Chinese 4 Greatest Inventions", toilets, restaurants... bla bla bla... everything is based on the ancient Sung Dynasty structure."
We : "OK" *walked for 4 hours*
Tour Guide : *lined up for 4 hours to buy the show tickets for us*

4 hours later...

Tour Guide : "Enjoy your trip?"
Me : "Nice. But still couldn't find one building."
Tour Guide : "What building?"
Me : "The courtesan house."
Everyone : *LOL*
Tour Guide : *ROTF* "You so small, want to go to courtesan house ah?"

And in the Song City, I like the show very much. There's man-made waterfall, horses cross on top of the stage. And not to forget, girls in lingeries!!! Woohoo!!!

Oh yeah, there's one poem at Hangzhou which I remember very much:

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