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Friday, January 13, 2006

I hate preaching! (Part 1)

Once again, I hate preaching. Especially preacing with only boast about themselves, don't care about the others and don't even know anything about the others!

It was a busy moment before I enrolled into TAR College. So, one free midnight, while I was onlined, I met some other friends on my instant messenger list. And that's the moment when war nearly broke out.

I was having 2 choices in my mind at that moment : Accounting or Engineering. No doubt, I used to score well in Physics, Maths and Additional Maths (I'm not blowing my own trumpet, ok?) and that's why many of my friends, or even enemies thought that I would take Engineering Course in College or University. But before I proceed, let me list out the pros and cons between both once again:

Engineering (Pros):
1) I'm good in Physics, Maths and Additional Maths
2) Well paid for fress graduates. I think can get around RM2700 (depends on what field) for new-grad engineer.
3) Creative minded
4) Good paid as I going on and switching job is not a need.

Engineering (Cons):
1) Will take up 5 years for some courses (including foundation)
2) I will be engineer for my entire life. Not many chances to be promoted. The most can become General Manager, but chances are very much limited.
3) If go UTAR to get a Degree, or go UK (RM30k for 14 weeks) to get a Degree, or stay local to do MA or MBA (once again, add another 1 to 2 years for MA/MBA).
4) Even so, certificates are difficult to be recognized in overseas.
5) Is one-fielded (eg, chemical engineer cannot become aerodynamical engineer).
6) Not every field/company need engineers.
7) Most of the engineers' blogs are more to evil side.
8) Physical works are more than non-physical works.
9) Engineers in Malaysia are far too many, and yet they still can't even produce a good national car.
10) Tend to be outdated in some fields. Eg, E&E engineers will spend most of the time to update themselves for the latest info. Or who knows, when this world finds another field to eliminate and dispute E&E.

Accounting (Pros):
1) Every field, every company needs accountants.
2) Experience is the key. The more experience I am, the higher salary I will be paid.
3) Can travel overseas sometimes.
4) Spend more time in the office under the air-cond. No physical work required.
5) Get promoted fast, skyrocketing salary, and most of the GM places will be waiting for me. (I'm day-dreaming)
6) Great demading from the society.
7) Certificates like ACCA and CIMA are definitely weight much heavier than Degree. World recognized also.

Accounting (Cons):
1) I'm still fresh to it. I don't have any accounting basic (I was very blur when I study accounting during Form2).
2) Fresh-grad are not as highly paid as engineer. I think can get only the most RM2200. (But since I've said already, experience in this field is the key.)
3) Many accountants around.
4) Will be spending most of my time figuring out dirty tricks.

*will add mroe, if I think get any*

One of my friend, Q, whose trial results are worse than mine (I obtained 9As, he obtained 6As), trying very hard to persuade me to join engineering.

[23:24] Me: I want to take up accounting
[23:24] Me: and want to become CEO
[23:24] K: no fortune lah (1)
[23:34] Me :*tulaned*
[23:24] Me: then operate my own business
[23:24] K: ceh
[23:24] K: u think easy meh
[23:24] K: dont aim too high
[23:24] K: tats depends on ur ability (2)
[23:25] K: not ur education
[23:25] Me: what do you think?
[23:25] Me: maybe only mah
[23:25] K: CEO must well u take business
[23:25] Me: business?
[23:26] Me: if fall once, then my whole life become salesman lah?
[23:26] K: told ya
[23:26] K: all depend on ur ability
[23:27] K: if i were u, i will take up engineering, maybe chemical
[23:27] K:then i take MBA
[23:27] Me: chemical?
[23:27] Me: no thanks
[23:27] Me: want me to die early ah?
[23:28] K: in the end, i still ended up as CEO of big chemical company
[23:28] Me: I'm not desperate for the Nobel Prize
[23:28] K: soh hai
[23:28] Me : *tulaned once again*
[23:28] K: tats just an example
[23:28] Me: how many chemical companies are there around the world?
[23:28] K: i told u
[23:28] K: just as example only
[23:29] K: the president of nissan is a chemical engineer
[23:29] K: he bring up nissan from zero to hero (3)
[23:29] K: or bettter
[23:29] Me: I don't care who he is
[23:30] K: I will take somethin else i will be specialize at
[23:30] Me: hey
[23:30] K: then only i will take business
[23:30] K: soh hai
[23:30] Me : *@%#$@%#$%@*
[23:30] Me: do you actually know what ACCA is? (4)
[23:30] K: ceh
[23:31] K: just sit in the office doin accounting, then can become accounting manager, goyang kaki in the office n get a lot of money
[23:31] K: so boring
[23:31] K: i prefer experiment n outing
[23:31] K: more adventurous
[23:31] Me: I wanna save my life
[23:31] Me: I wanna take care of my family
[23:32] Me: I wanna enjoy
[23:32] Me: no need outing so much (5)
[23:32] K: boring
[23:32] K: outing in enjoying
[23:32] Me: don't need to promote engineering for me
[23:32] K: just wanna tell u
[23:32] Me: You are just calling a doctor to become a beggar
[23:32] Me: :P
[23:33] K: cause u have bigger potential tahn me to be an engineer
[23:33] K: ur physics n add maths are better than me (6)
[23:34] K: n actually u r more intelligent than our physic tuition teacher
[23:34] K: think rationally
[23:35] K: accounting brings u no where but end up as f__cker (7)
[23.35] Me : *very tulaned*
[23:36] Me: so,
[23:36] Me: next time
[23:36] Me: you operate a company
[23:37] Me: don't hire any accountant

(1) Accountants have no fortune? Then what are accountants for? Just writing history?

(2) Depends on ability, but not education? Any job only depends on education, and also highly paid, and also easy-go-lucky type?

(3) Once in a blue moon. That also can't make it to Top 10. Has he ever figured out that most of the richest man took up business studies instead of angineering?

(4) Different perception towards ACCA.

(5) For me, working is working, enjoying is enjoying. I wane to make a border between both.

(6) I've encountered this before. Once, I went to a college Engineering Faculty's counter. I told the receptionist, "Miss, I'm a bronze medalist for the Physics Olympiad and also the best student in Add Maths quiz for the distraict level. Do you think..." And the receptionist intercepted my word, "Oh, then you should join Engineering!!" Everyone will think that students who excel in Physics and Add Maths should do engineering just because we think that they are really talented. But will anyone thought of talented Accountants, Stock Investors, General Managers?

(7) In the real conversations, he did really use "that-word". I have to censor it for some purposes.

to be continue...


  • At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Correction :

    Fresh engineering graduates only get about RM1.8k to RM2.2k lah. Only 1st class gradautes get up to RM2.7k. And getting a 1st class in engineering is not easy, at all.

    Who says engineering can't be promoted to high positions? Engineers do combos, engineering degree + master in business studies. Besides, engineers can work upwards (higher positions) and work downwards (lower positions), but accountant you cant.

    Depending on which university you go, but mostly, all engineering degree are recognized.

    Engineering is not one fielded. Depending on what field you ventured into. If you choose electronics, you can go robotics, microwave, electromagnetic, computer or pure electronics. There are many branches in engineering field, so your point is kinda of invalid. Besides, chemical engineer and aerodynamic engineer are totally 2 different branches.

    Not every field requires engineers, but every industry and everything requries engineers. :)

    Physical work? Depends on what you be. Some requires field work, some doesn't. Depends. Cant generalize.

    As for point 9, blame proton management, not the engineers.

    Engineer can earn more than any other occupations. But also, depends on what you are. After you graduate, you take a exam to qualify yourself as professional engineer (PE). Once you are a PE, your salary will start sky rocket. Once you are a PE, you APPROVES project, not involve in projects. Take example : civil engineering. He approves the whole landscaping etc for one housing estate. Say he earns 5% from each house of the unit price and there are 1000 houses. Each houses cost RM500k, guess how much he has earned by just signing the paper to approve the plans of the housing estate? Compare to lawyer, he earns 5% also from each house. But he only gets to do 1 house each time. If he only manage to secure 1 house's contract, he only earn that house punya 5%. While engineer earn as in the whole project.

    Certificates like ACCA and CIMA are more recognized by the accounting field, not engineering field.

    And no, fresh graduates dont have a starting salary of RM2.2k. :)

    Mr. Kiasi,

    Each job has its pros and cons. Just that, there are things that you have missed out. Just want to let you know, not correct you or anything. :) If you chose accounting, go ahead. I'm sure you can excel in that field also. Don't bother about other people, do what you want, what is best for you and what you want to enjoy and what you want to be. :)


    you know who...

  • At 11:56 PM, Blogger Ian said…

    It is your choice. Anyway, it is a clever choice for you. For one thing that you don't prefer enginering, which is more towards having a passion towards developing a product. Accountancy is more on money. And you, mr kiasi, you prefer to earn more money and enjoy your life. Wise decision.

    For the FACTS that were listed out? Well, it do sounded acceptable. It is true in other words. But depends on people's interest.

    Anonymous, i think you had more correction to do. Accountant earns the second most salary in all jobs in the world. The first is business man, like Bill Gates. Also, you sounded humiliating, frankly speaking.

  • At 1:14 AM, Blogger kiasi said…

    anon :
    Salary wise, I just put it as the mighest salary for fresh grad for both.

    Engineer can be promoted, but maybe once in a blue moon. Chances of being promoted are limited.

    Yeah, depends on which university. As I can't afford any other universities, I have to stay in TARC for few years, and I don't think the Advance Diploma will be much recognized. Though can, but once again, limited.

    Yes, that's what I mean. 2 different branches. Just like oil and water, they can't be mixed together.

    Physical work? Yes, depends also. For civil, you have to. For computer, you have to sit in the office and get your job done.

    Er... Blames can be done. We can also blame our local engineers who can't even build a proper NKVE Bridge. We can blame engineers for don't even know how to make good robots et al.

    From these few years, as I can see that there are not many construction projects to be approved by the government. Our government now are mostly focusing on what they want.

    Sometimes, engineers can earn loads of money too. I don't doubt that, as I've really see successful engineers staying in Bungloes before. I've added to the pros section.

    Maybe after graduate, who knows I will take degree in engineering, and I will master in both.

    Ian : Nope, he doesn't sound humiliating, but just a discussion for us together. I like his way, and I like brainstorming.

    About the salarywise section, depends on what field and what "trend" are you in. Eg, economics are the best so far. But later, who knows, if war breaks out, and every country is scare of nuclear engineers, nuclear engineering will become a major field in the world, and they will be offered a higher paid compare to other jobs.

  • At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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