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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I hate preaching! (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1...

[22:10] K: u confrim go to TAR?
[22:10] Me: maybe, but not confirmed
[22:10] Me: maybe Taylor
[22:10] Me: maybe Inti
[22:10] Me: maybe Sunway
[22:10] K: wat bout HELP (1st preaching)
[22:10] K: there business also not bad
[22:11] K: Ice is goin there (2nd preaching)
[22:11] K: to study law
[22:11] Me: I thought of going to australia, but no money
[22:11] Me: yeah
[22:11] Me: law is very suit for her
[22:11] K: ya
[22:11] K: But u should consider HELP also (3rd preaching)
[22:12] K: not necceary u go HELP, must go to Australia
[22:12] K: still can go UK or US
[22:13] K: because a level is well recognized internationally
[22:13] Me: UK and US are the matter of costs of living
[22:13] K: i knoe
[22:13] K: but u wanna study where for degree?
[22:14] Me: thought of Melbourne
[22:14] K: can also wat, HELP also can go there (4th preaching)
[22:14] K: can go anywhere, of course except local U
[22:16] K: but my second cousin from HELP also went there to study medical
[22:17] K: he is one of the top in HELP (5th preaching)
[22:17] K: if u look throught HELP brochure, u will see his face
[22:18] Me: what name?
[22:18] K: Jason Leong (I didn't see his face also)
[22:19] K: check it out
[22:20] Me: wait
[22:23] K: wong choong hann also from HELP (6th preaching)
[22:23] K: also top scorer
[22:23] Me : Yeah, top scorer in badminton
[22:23] Me : no wonder ended up as a badminton player
[22:24] K: u f__k lah (Censored. He really swore)
[22:24] Me: :P:P:P
[22:24] K: dont insult hELP
[22:24] K: otherwise adeline gonna slap u
[22:25] K: i will tell adeline
[22:36] Me: but WHAT I think about HELP is, they are much better than the Lame Cock Wank University lah
[22:36] K: duh
[22:37] K: n far better than sunway n taylor (insulting other colleges without knowing much about them)
[22:37] Me: I want to go Harvard also one
[22:37] K: those r only meant for rich n LanCiLanYong people
[22:37] Me: but, no college offers that twinning programme
[22:38] K: Hahah HELP also can go (7th preaching)
[22:38] Me: but tat one u can go if u score 10 a1 in spm , n being offered scholarship
[22:41] Me: my dream is to study in MIT
[22:42] Me : At HELP
Examination 20%
Assignment 1 - 30%
Assignment 2 - 50%
Total - 100%
[22:43] Me: you want me to die ah?
[22:43] K: hahah
[22:43] K: lagi nice
[22:43] K: assignment will be intersting
[22:43] K: i prefer like tat
[22:43] K: assignment more important than exam
[22:44] K: but that MIT is hard to go in
[22:45] K: but if i offer a place there, i will go, even if i got offer from oxford or cambridge
[22:46] Me: ic
[22:46] Me: no lah
[22:46] Me: for engineering
[22:46] Me: Imperial King College
[22:47] K: where?
[22:47] Alphonso Tan --- "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown: UK
[22:48] K: no. wat in the world?
[22:48] K: MIT no. 2
[22:48] Me: 3rd
[22:48] K: harvard no.1
[22:48] K: cool
[22:48] K: can be considered
[22:49] Me: you mean world izzit?
[22:49] Me: cheh
[22:49] Me: wait
[22:50] Me: 23rd
[22:50] Me: but they are expert in engineering
[22:50] K: ok, can be considered
[22:50] K: the prob is, is it reconised in malaysia
[22:50] K: ?
[22:50] Me: Woi!
[22:50] Me: you take a Harvard degree come back
[22:51] Me: and see if it is recognized in Malaysia anot
[22:51] K: harvard of course lah
[22:51] K: but wat bout imperial?
[22:51] Me: then yalah
[22:51] Me: harvard is recognized bcoz it is the best
[22:51] Me: and this applies to Imperial, bcoz it is also the best in engineering
[22:52] K: wait a minute, its imperial college right?
[22:52] K: Tat means it is a college only?
[22:52] K: it is not like lame cock wank, ok?
[22:52] K: lame cock wank is a university?
[22:53] Me:
[22:53] K: university college
[22:53] K: same like HELP (8th preaching)
[22:53] K: Taylors n sunway only college
[22:53] Me: Imperial's standard is much higher than our local UM lah
[22:53] Me: They don't need to be so glamour about their name one
[22:54] K: lol
[22:54] K: but Taylors, Sunway and Inti too far lah
[22:54] K: in subang
[22:54] K: dah lah got jam
[22:54] K: HELP nearer (9th preaching)
[22:55] K: better stick with HELP
[22:55] K: i tell u wat
[22:56] K: one day, go to HELP n look around its building (10th preaching)
[22:56] K: since u demm free now
[22:56] K: better than go to edu fair
[22:56] Me: go edu fair go free gifts
[22:57] K: just for tat?
[22:57] K: f__k u lah (Censored. He really swore)
[22:57] K: i got plenty
[22:57] K: in the pass two years i been so many times
[22:57] Me: wait
[22:58] Me: let me calculate the fees
[22:59] K: HELP?
[22:59] K: only 18k
[22:59] Me: foundation?
[22:59] K: a level
[22:59] Me: knn
[22:59] Me: so expensive. I need a foundation lah
[22:59] K: ooo, u goin to diploma?
[22:59] K: hmm......
[22:59] K: let me check
[23:01] Me : Help me to find about the sekolahshit also
[23:06] K: about 10k to 16k
[23:08] K: scholarship ?
[23:09] K: u will get one if u score 8 a1 to straight a1
[23:09] K: if u got straight a1, u will have full scholarship
[23:10] K: Ice got full schorship based on her trial exam result
[23:10] Me: but must based on the real SPM. Right?
[23:10] K: lol
[23:10] K: HELP can based on trail
[23:10] K: u dont believe, ask adeline
[23:11] K: but also spm
[23:12] K: she got full schorship
[23:12] Me: she got straight As?
[23:12] K: not really, but she did apply, n she got it, maybe depend on her ko kurikulum
[23:12] K: she got 7a1
[23:13] K: n she get it
[23:14] Me: how she got it?
[23:14] Me: she 7A1s
[23:14] K: apply lah
[23:15] K: but she did mention tat she got it cause its miracle
[23:15] Me: nope
[23:15] Me: HELP is not specialize in accounting
[23:15] Me: so, maybe not
[23:15] K: she is takin law
[23:15] K: n tats wat is HELP specialise at (11th preaching. For K, HELP specializes in every field.)
[23:16] K: so, its a miracle she got it
[23:16] K: but i told her tat she got it based on her ko kurikulum
[23:16] K: prefect
[23:16] K: debating
[23:16] Me: nvm
[23:17] Me: I'm not interested in her case
[23:17] Me: so, nvm
[23:17] K: ahem
[23:17] K: did i mention it?
[23:17] K: perasaan?
[23:17] K: oh, now i knoe
[23:17] K: u like her
[23:17] Me: then nvm
[23:17] K: lol
[23:18] K: ask her more bout HELP lah
[23:18] Me: no need lah
[23:18] Me: because I want to take ACCA, which HELP doesn't offer that.

This conversation makes me have a negative statement towards HELP and him (just because he humiliated me). I just don't understand why people like to preach? Can he go to heaven after preaching me? Can he get anything after preaching me? I can't see anything. Those people who really knows me, they will know that I use to do things by myself. Even until now. Although I have bunch of new friends in college, I still tend to walk alone, go canteen and have my lunch by myself, go to the library by myself, enter out CITC room by myself. I'm not easily being brainwashed.

I don't know what is so good about HELP. At least, I feel that TARC is good. I came from a lousy secondary school, with only 3 toilet cubicles open for every gender and terrible toilet walls with full of shits, tasteless fried rice, air-condless library, school without a hall... So, maybe I don't need a good environment or facilities for me to suit with them. I don't care about the building structure, as long as those buildings are not built by ataps.

I don't know what is so good about HELP. And I don't know that HELP can be expert in so many subjects. Law, business studies and A Level. And if I told him I want to take up other subjects like mass com, interior designs, beauty course, animations, I believe this guy will also say, "Nevermind, HELP is also good in these subjects." For what I know, I think Brickfield Asia College is the one which experts in Law (although not famous, and the college is very very small). And for business studies, Taylor will be quite alright. A Level, you can really get what you want. For A Level now, you can demand exemption for General Paper, you can still mix science and arts & humanities subjects together.

Studying HELP just because of Wong Choon Hann? WAKE UP!!! No one is interested in that college just because Wong Choon Hann studied at there before. First, because HELP doesn't offer "badminton course", and second I don't want to be a badminton player. But if he persuades me to take Business Studies at Columbia Business School just because Warren Buffett studied at there before, I will have a second thought.

HELP? Too far away from my house. And secondly, I don't want to see unnecessary idiot study ingwith me.

As what I always believe, not every college and every university are the same. Some colleges tend to expertise in some certain subjects. If you want to study E&E and computer science, I beliebe MMU is a good choice in Malaysia. If you want to study Accounting in Malaysia, Sunway TES University College, Institute of Perkim Goon and TAR College are a wiser choice, at least they obtain ACCA Premier Plus Status. Medicine? I think USM and UM are not bad though. For graphic designs, I believe One Academic is popular for that. So, how can a college experts in almost every subjects like A Level, Law and Business Studies together? Even Harvard University specializes for her economics only.

And this boy, I told him to preach at Emilie's post. He commented at there and even led her to erroneous statements.

So, one last time, sorry for me to say that I won't choose HELP anymore. Au revoir!

to be continue...


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