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Monday, January 23, 2006

Kepong Bloggers Gathering

OK, OK. I'm still in consideration whether want to attend the bloggers meeting at Kepong on the 3rd of February. It has been a long time for not joining blogger gathering.

Of course, blogger gathering is definitely fun! What's more? You can see some lengluis hanging around at there (OK, the guests for this time are mostly Ah-SAHM). Sometimes, free meals. Sometimes, can get to know more bloggers around. Sometimes, can also advertise your blog. Sometimes, can exchange secrets. Sometimes, can see some MMM (Malaysia Man of Mystery/ Manusia Misteri Malaysia) bloggers' faces around.

I didn't join the gathering for a long time. There are many blogger gatherings that I've missed. I was scolded by Jason once because I didn't attend his Midvalley gathering.

Really hope this time will attend. Problems that I'm facing now:
1) No transport.
2) I'm not popular enough. No one knows me. Scare will be ignored.
3) My face will be exposed.
4) I'm still blur around there.
5) Not many lengluis.

Erm... currently 80% will attend, which also means, if I'm really going, I have to really "blog hard, read blogs hard, post comments hard", so that all the bloggers will know about my existence in the blogosphere. Will let you know about my decision later on.

Bloggers who are gonna attend:
Young Brat
zara's mama and family
Leecs, shiaulin and family
1+2mom and family
Twinsmom and family
Loc Kee and family
Egghead and family

Blogger who is not going to come: