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Monday, January 16, 2006

My School Magazine

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I'll be back to my "I Hate Preaching! (Part 3)" post after this.

How many times must I complain my ex-school editorial board sucks a lot?

First, a non-editorial board member was tok-king at my back, and the teacher together with the editor hunted me down and fired me. And the non-editorial board member was promoted to the sub-editor.

Second, they didn't give me any job, and yet, they still told the others I am a lousy member.

Third, I see the way they operate things, sucks. Not systematic at all.

Forth, cronies there are more well recognized than the members.

Fifth, last year editorial board noobs are not well armed as a member. A guy who has a digital camera can just become a member just like that.

Sixth, school students this year still haven't recieve the school magazine.

Seventh, they spend most of the time in the editorial board room to lepak when they were having subjects that they don't like, and the editor just let them be.

Eighth, boys flirt more than they work. They will call bunches of girls to work with them.

Ninth, editor didn't read my idea which I proposed on my mail and just forwarded to others and as if as it was a normal "junk, sukak-sukak,-forwarded-mail".

Tenth, I passed our chess-society-photo money to the editor to order 6 photos of the chess society for my members and the editor told me to wait for few weeks. I've waited for few months, until before the SPM period, I asked him once where are those photos. He told me that he will find the person-in-charge, and call me to wait for few more days. 1.5 months after SPM, I asked him last week once again, "Where are those photos?", and he told me he is not in charge of it anymore. He has quitted 2 months before SPM. I asked him, "Then I should reimburse those money back to my members lah?", which he replied, "Yes." Now, I felt cheated to use back my own money (RM12) to pay back my students and also apologizes for not getting them their photos.

I want to bitch!! What kind of editorial board is that?!?! Worse than LameCockWank UC.


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