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Saturday, January 28, 2006

New ET (1)

ET (English Teacher) is still the best, no matter in college or in secondary school. Our ET, Mr Raymond (Indian), will only get 2 types of comments from his students: extremely good or tremendously nightmare. He has a bad habit of blinking eyes. I don't know why. Maybe our tutorial hours are always at 3.00 p.m, which is his "ungodly hour". He likes to scare people.

ET : "OK~~, I wrote a sentence just now, "The lad said to the lass, 'I love you with all of my heart.' Can anyone tell me what goes wrong?"

Everyone : *dumbfounded*

ET : "Come on. Think! Think!"

3 minutes later...

ET : "Now, how can you love a person with your hea~~rt? The function of the heart is to pump the blood to the whole body parts. And How can you love a person with you heart? Next time, don't be so stupid! Don't be a 'so-chai'. Love a person with your mind!"

Everyone : "OK."

ET : "Now, tell me. Is love a positive thing?"

Everyone : "Ye~~s."

ET : *walk towards a girl in front* "If a boy walk to you and tells you than he loves you, are you happy?"

Girl : *sweat* "Er... Er... Yes."

ET : "OK. If your boyfriend comes and tells you that he loves you with all of his mind, are you happy?"

Girl : "Yes."

ET : "Since love is a positive things, do you think that having one boyfriend is enough?"

Everyone : *dumbfounded*


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