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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yay yay. Few days ago, my dad gave me the permission to get a girlfriend.

Things actually get started like that...

Dad : "So, how's TARC?"

Me : "OK loh. But that side hor, many couples holding hands leh."

Dad : "Oh, if you want to get a girlfriend also can. But make sure you must maintain your studies lah."

Actually, I didn't mean to ask his permission to get a girlfriend. But nothing change in my life also. I know about myself. My look sure won't attract girls. Secondly, I ain't a romantic and sentimental guy. Third, I don't have any forte. Fourth, I'm poor. So, what girlfriend ah?

Besides, I know what he thinks too. He wants me to get a girlfriend, who is pretty, who is smart, who wears spectacles, who is younger than me, who is slim enough...... you name it. But my criterias? Totally opposite. In the end, haihz......

At least, I learned from my mistake, "Who cares?"


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