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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I travel via Pewtela (almost) everyday. It's more KL-Centralizing than the Setar. But the Pewtela coaches are definitely much shorter than the Setar. Everyday I travel against the traffic from Ampang Park to Wangsa Maju, I will see people get neglected at the corridor. The problem is, they really don't have a small gap to let them to squeeze into. Even when I stepped out at Wangsa Maju Station (3rd stop from the beginning), people already find difficulties to step into the coach.

Good things about Pewtela is, they are quite consistent. Coach will arrive every 3 minutes, unless something really wrong happened.

Today I took a Pewtela coach from Taman Melati to Masjid Jamek. I don't know what's wrong with that coach, but it doesn't have chairs. Not all, but just some parts. but those parts are already occupied by the neededs. I don't know why they dismantel those parts.

Pewtela is also kinda "noisy". Seriously, when you come to certain parts, when they are announcing their next destination, the sounds are too loud to cover the voices.

One night, I was travelling the Pewtela from Taman Bahagia (2nd last station) to Jelatek. It was around 11.30 p.m. And we have a debate competition for the next day. We were rushing to enter into the Pewtela. The problem is not with us though. On the way back home, the Pewtela stopped at Kg Baru. For those who haven't came down from Kg Baru, I persuade you to try it out once, walk out from that station. It is a really "kampung" area. Flats and single lousy storey-houses around. No cab. No public transport in the midnight. We were trapped at that night and managed to get back by our own transport at 1 a.m.

Now, everyday, I'm worrying about this problem will occur again. I take the 8.27 a.m. Pewtela ride from Ampang Park everyday and reach Wangsa Maju at 8.42 a.m. I can't afford to late. If anything happens, "whole thing" gone.


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