Kiasi aka Kiasi-ism

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Girl : "Hehe.. Have been knowing you for 10 months, I just realized you got dimple."

Me : *happy happy* "Now only you know ah?"

Girl : "Yupp yupp."

Me *happy happy* "I not only have dimple, but I also have pimples, and also nipples :P"

Girl : -___-!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Name For Kids

On MSN Messenger...

Girl : "Hey, just now my bf told me a joke."

Me : "Wut joke?"

Girl : "Bcoz his surname is Lim mah. So, he told me, if next time we get married and have kids, if tat is a boy, he will name him Lim Kin Park. If tat is a gal, he will name her Lim Biz Kit."

Me : "Hahaha..."

Girl : "Aiyoh... sometimes he likes to talk craps lah. Those names are like Korean names."

Me : "Me too. If next time my wife gives birth to a boy, then I will name him Tey Kwon Do. If that is a girl, I will name her Tey Kwan Doe. Also like Korean names."

Girl : "LOLFOC. What's the difference?"

Me : "Tey Kwon Do sounds like a boy's name, whereas for 'Kwan' and 'Doe', ppl will usually think that it is a girl."

Girl : "LOL. Good one."

Pump Petrol

Went yumcha with Failer at 11.30 p.m...

Failer : "Eh, look at your oil tank. E sign comes out already."

Me : "Aiyah, tomorrow morning, when need this car, then pump petrol again loh. What so big deal?"

Failer : "You not scare one meh?"

Me : "I only scare if I pump petrol, burglar will steal my Kancil in the midnight."

Failer : "So, you mean if you don't pump petrol, burglar won't still your Kancil lah?"

Me : "Will. But even though if got burglar steals my Kancil, due to the limited petrol, the Kancil will die engine somewhere nearby mah."

Failer : *pengsan*


2 obsolete, olden days, yet nice, warm, simple buatan-Malaysia songs:

家是一个圆 (click here if the previous link doesn't work well)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Butt Big?!?!

A girl told me that her butt is big because it is easy in giving birth as the pelvis bone is broad enough for baby.

I think the size of the vagina is much considerating in giving birth.

New ET (2)

In the class...

ET : *reading text* "'Ah Kow is pursuading his degree course at a public university'. Note, 'public', not 'pubic'."

All students : *blur blur* *don't understand the meaning of 'pubic'* *quietly listen*

Me : *LOL*

Everyone : *looking at me wierdly*

Me : -____-" *stop laughing*

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Edu Fair

At the Edu Fair...

Counter Girl #1 : "Come and have a look. We are offering X pax with just RM5 ... bla bla bla ... Rm25 talktime ... bla bla bla ... very good ... bla bla bla ... got free gifts to give out ... bla bla bla ... cover your studies fees."

Me : "OK, get me one."

Counter Girl #1 : "Hehe... you can't get here, but you have to go to the counter there to get one."

Me : *@#@#@#@#@#@* * go counter* "Miss, I want to get one X pax."

Counter Girl #2 : "Please fill up this form..." *pass form*

Me : "Aiyoh... must fill in the form one ah?"

Counter Girl #2 : "Yes, sir."

Me : "Then don't want lah."

I've filled thousands of forms, which I realy hate to. First, I wouldn't want my identity to be known by opther parties. Secondly, my signature sucks. Thirdly, my signature is always inconsistant (and I also don't know why). So next time, don't bring me any form.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Manties as Valentines Present

Valentine's Day is coming.

Sigh... I'm still single, bachelor, and no girlfriend.

Can anyone tell me where can I get my Valentine's Day's present ah? (Psstt... Especially the manties.)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I personally love...

On my ex-school forum there's a topic.

Albert : "Do you like to play maplestory?"

Michael : "I personally love to see people hate maple story....."

Me : "You personally love to see me? LOL *run away fast fast* "

Monday, February 06, 2006


[17:03] Me : I want to be single!!

[17:04] Panda Girl : until when?

[17:04] Me : until I manage to get a gf.


I'd been folding gimchee (not kimchi, okay?) for the hold night for the "Thnee Gong" (For those who don't know what is Thnee Gong, kindly refer to here). Different shapes bring different values. For those like the boat one, I think it means 1 thousand (what currency ah?) in heaven. For those like the gold shape one, I think it means 1 (what currency also ah?) in heaven. Argh.. all screwed up. For all I know, the boat shape is only specifically for the Thnee Gong, because He was ranked as the highest in heaven.

The current atmosphere at here is much merrier than the first day of CNY. More sperms, more gimchee, more people, and also more pollutions.

Hopefully this years blogosphere will be a better one. Much better than last years one. More bloggers to join this blogosphere, more bloggers to produce more blogs to entertain us readers. And also peace for the blogosphere too.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bloggers Gathering

Bloggers Gathering?

She can write better than me. She can express better than me. She can blog better than me. She got more readers than me. She is more hardworking than me. So, who wants to know what has happened, please visit here.

So, what I want to say is, thanks to kampungkai for fetching this kacau daun. And also thanks for Auntie Maria for the angpow. Wish you play-mahjong-win-mahjong, get prettier as-time-goes-by, children grows up fast fast......

And also, you two hor, said want to eat yee-sang, but ended up went to eat Siew-Kai-Yik. Apalah~~

Batu Caves

Muscular Blogger : *driving Proton Iswara along MRR 2*

Me : "Nah, see on your right? Got one botak cave?"

Fat Blogger : "Uh huh."

Me : "This is Batu Caves."

Fat Blogger : "Oh~~~" *take out camera* *snap pictures*

Muscular Blogger : "Next time, you come here and walk up to the cave there lah."

Fat Blogger : "Cannot lah. I too fat already."

Muscular Blogger : "Can lah. You so big size, sure can one."

Fat : "No lah. I old already."

Me : "Apalah, Semivalue everyyear also comes here. Say old, he is much older than you. Say fat, also dua kali lima. So what?"