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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Batu Caves

Muscular Blogger : *driving Proton Iswara along MRR 2*

Me : "Nah, see on your right? Got one botak cave?"

Fat Blogger : "Uh huh."

Me : "This is Batu Caves."

Fat Blogger : "Oh~~~" *take out camera* *snap pictures*

Muscular Blogger : "Next time, you come here and walk up to the cave there lah."

Fat Blogger : "Cannot lah. I too fat already."

Muscular Blogger : "Can lah. You so big size, sure can one."

Fat : "No lah. I old already."

Me : "Apalah, Semivalue everyyear also comes here. Say old, he is much older than you. Say fat, also dua kali lima. So what?"


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