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Monday, February 20, 2006

Name For Kids

On MSN Messenger...

Girl : "Hey, just now my bf told me a joke."

Me : "Wut joke?"

Girl : "Bcoz his surname is Lim mah. So, he told me, if next time we get married and have kids, if tat is a boy, he will name him Lim Kin Park. If tat is a gal, he will name her Lim Biz Kit."

Me : "Hahaha..."

Girl : "Aiyoh... sometimes he likes to talk craps lah. Those names are like Korean names."

Me : "Me too. If next time my wife gives birth to a boy, then I will name him Tey Kwon Do. If that is a girl, I will name her Tey Kwan Doe. Also like Korean names."

Girl : "LOLFOC. What's the difference?"

Me : "Tey Kwon Do sounds like a boy's name, whereas for 'Kwan' and 'Doe', ppl will usually think that it is a girl."

Girl : "LOL. Good one."


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