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Monday, February 06, 2006


I'd been folding gimchee (not kimchi, okay?) for the hold night for the "Thnee Gong" (For those who don't know what is Thnee Gong, kindly refer to here). Different shapes bring different values. For those like the boat one, I think it means 1 thousand (what currency ah?) in heaven. For those like the gold shape one, I think it means 1 (what currency also ah?) in heaven. Argh.. all screwed up. For all I know, the boat shape is only specifically for the Thnee Gong, because He was ranked as the highest in heaven.

The current atmosphere at here is much merrier than the first day of CNY. More sperms, more gimchee, more people, and also more pollutions.

Hopefully this years blogosphere will be a better one. Much better than last years one. More bloggers to join this blogosphere, more bloggers to produce more blogs to entertain us readers. And also peace for the blogosphere too.


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