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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Puppy Love? Real Love?

I almost forgot my role as a blogger. Just when I was chatting with my friend just now. She talked about her experience of her dates. Kinda wasted alot of my time listening to hers.

She then raised up a question, "Do you think at the age of us (-/+18), our love should be called as puppy love or a real love?"

Abruptly I replied, "puppy love, of course."

She asked, "why? How do you define 'puppy love' and 'real love' then?"

My answer:

Puppy Love:
- Ceteris paribus. No need to worry about financial problem. Money held constant.
- Just love in between a couple pair.
- Will spend quite somtime with each other.
- Looking is more important. Or sometimes, buta-buta follow

Real Love:
- Rushing.
- Not much time for partners.
- In between of the process, we have to think of the financial problem
- Money is more important.

I don't determine whether the love is puppy love or real love just by seeing the couple's age. Sometimes old folks also date childishly, wearing sexy sexy ah-nee-kuan (like that).

Now, let me tell you why I'm still a single guy. Complains after complains from my parents.

Dad : "I hate girls who wear spectacles."
Me : "What the matter of wearing specs?"
Dad : "Look not nice. Even if wanna wear specs, also must at least looks presentable lah~~"

Now, I am really speechless but thoughful. I have no balls to object my dad about criticism against people who wear specs. What's gonna do with specs? And is it good lookings are so that important? Good looking can be eaten ah?

Mom : "What for get a girlfriend now?"
Me : "Don't know. Any idea? If yes, why yes? If no, why no?"
Mom : "If you get a girlfriend at now, you have to spend time with her."
Me : *OK. Cut down my online time*
Mom : "Study now... Then next time, many girls will go after you... and at that time, want leng, also got, want tall also got."
Me : *Oh... those are 'highly maintenanced' one.*

Haihz... Narrow minded? Futuristic? Not a comment.

OK. Back to our conversation. Normal lah...

She : "So, how are you? Do you have a girlfriend?"
Me : "Nope."
She : "Why not? You scare about it is only a puppy love?"

I was thinking deeply. I'd rather say I scare of real love. At least, puppy love can last long more that real love (if isn't get married). At least, puppy love is loyal. At least, puppy love is fruitful.

At last, at least, everyone should give a chance for him/herself about puppy love. At least......


  • At 10:20 PM, Blogger Milly said…

    uhh?? wear spec also cannot?? why?? i can't understand lar... can jelaskan?? wear spec is just normal rite? wear spec is to adjust back our eye sight, not to say ugly or what.. we not keen on wear spec what. is forced to wear.. if we din wear spec, how we going to see things clearly? our eye sight got problem also not we want it lar.

    FYI, i start wear spec wheni was young, standard 1... i have no idea why i got eye sight problem on young age! but fact always fact.. have to accept also.. what to do. so end up wear spec for almost 12 years.

    isit ur dad want a pretty gal?? he thinks that wear spec gal very ugly?

    come, think of it, ur dad want a wear spec gal with kind heart, treat ur parents good? or want a gal not wear spec, but evil heart??

    we can't judge a gal from SPEC rite?? i think is very hurt for those who are wear spec!

    i noe, now trendy, gal who dun have eye sight problem, they will go to make a spec, which is very stylish, i think becos of this, ur dad say very ugly??

    hmm.... -____-|||

    erm.... what ur mom said also true, when u grow older what type of gal u want also have... include those high maintenance too..hehe...

    Mom : "If you get a girlfriend at now, you have to spend time with her."
    can u define this?? what means spend time with her?? every couple also have to spend time together rite?? if not how to paktoh ar?? so isit ur mom means, paktoh without spend time together?or??

    if the gal is very good, she will not ask u to accompany her for long time. i think she will be very understanding, and clever enuff to think. if those gal is that kind of gal that ur mom say, then i think u can throw away ur gf (if u have)...

    no offence by saying all this...just a comment on what u blog!

  • At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    if say now is puppy love, then 1 day after we finish our studies n go working n then get married........ then isit the love that we call(change to) real love ?????

  • At 12:16 AM, Blogger snowybabie said…

    puppy love or real long as can find love, that's considered very lucky liao lah...


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