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Monday, April 17, 2006

How an accountant counts?

I went back to my secondary school few days back ago. In the staff office...

Teacher : "Oh... Kiasi... Mana lu pergi???"

Me : "Tengah belajar."

Teacher : "Oh~~ Tengah belajar~~ Belajar di mana?"

Me : "TAR Kolej."

Teacher : "Oh... Belajar apa?"

Me : "Diploma dalam perakaunan."

Teacher : "Oh... Ini cina semua kaya-kaya belaka lah~~~ Semua pun pergi IPTS-IPTS... Berapa kos dia?"

Me : "6 ribu untuk 2 tahun."

Teacher : "Wahhhhh~~~~ $$ Mahal giler..."

Me : "Cheap what... RM6000 for 2 years. You go other institute and see..."

Teacher : *underestimating look* "RM6000 what, RM6000 what. You pay and see. Go apply matrix or worse come to worse, go Form 6 lah... And then can go for local U summore. 'U' summore."

Me : "But for accounting, TARC is still one of the best in Malaysia."

Teacher : "TARC is a college only..."

Now many people, especially those people who think that private colleges are expensive, have one perception - "Local universities are the best."

RM6000 is considered cheap, I mean for 2 years period. Ignore my partly-scholarhip. The teacher whom I chatted with her on that day, is actually quite rich. Master in BM, has only one kids (number of kids does determine the wealth of a family, ok?), and has a maid.

Now let us calculate (now I'm a accounting trainee already):

A maid's monthly salary = RM400
A maid's yearly salary = RM4800
A maid's 2-years salary = RM9600

*food, accomodation, pass are not included yet.

So, what do you think.

Take it another way, people always said, studying Form 6 is just wasting your time.

Let's calculate again (accounting trainee):

wait for SPM result = 3 months
wait for Form 6 school reopens = 3 months
study form 6 = 18 months
wait for result = 3 months
wait for universities intakes = 3 months
degree course = 36 months
total = 66 months (5.5 years)
mine = 54 months (4.5 years)
net loss = 1 year

now, let's calculate the salary (accouting trainee liao):

If fortunate, I'll be graduating at 21, which means I can work for 34 years.
For a local U graduate, he/she will be graduating at 22, which means can work for 33 years.

The one year difference is not calculated by the fresh-grad paid, but the 34th-year salary, as the one who escapes from Form 6 has the 34 years of experience. So, my aiming isn't that high. I work for 34 years. By that time, just put a RM5000 figure. Subtract the taxes, inflation rate, and miscellaneous, left RM2000 (satisfy?). My one year earning will be RM24000 (12*RM2000). Enough to cover the RM6000? Yes.

Of course, universities are good. But due to the high demand, students tend not to get what they want.

In fact, selections of tertiary education level depend on what course do you want. For psychology, go for HELP University College. For business administration, got for Nottingham University. For Accounting, go for TARC. For law, go for Brickfield College. For electric & electronic, go for MMU. For pre-u, go for Taylors. For medicine and others, I think local u still rule.

But back to my situation, the course fees, are actually slightly more expensive by a little bit. A local u grad has to pay around RM4000 (is it? correct me if I'm wrong). If refer back, one year's difference is only RM1000. But my current situation is partly covered by scholarship due to my 9A's *kembang*. So, who is losing?

I'm here not to go against the local universities. But just compare both. Who the hel said that RM6000 is considered expensive?


  • At 4:44 AM, Blogger Daniel S.H. said…

    hmm...nice blog, future accountant!
    6k is actually considered more's because the MCA pays a ringgit for every ringgit we pay at TARC. ;)

  • At 10:29 AM, Blogger Loc Kee said…

    6000 What!?? 9A's scolarship lagi...
    manyak Cheap Cheap What WHAT!!!!!

    eh acountant, you realy plan to work for 34 years ka??
    nowadays should plan to work for Early Retirement lo :>

  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    daniel s.h. : Thanks. Yes, as the government has subsidized alot from our fees. Some said, the government's subsidy is 50%, while some say only 12%.

    loc kee : Yeah, very cheap. I mean for the first 2 years is BM6k to RM7k. Next to years is also about the same RM6k - RM7k. Add those miscellaneous fees, I think is about RM15k only.

    Hmm... don't know yet. Because most of the accountant will always go for Early Retirement. The job is too bored liao. Hehe...

  • At 6:28 PM, Blogger Potential Mom said…

    aighhh.... no eye see....

    future potential accountant...this is what i say... and the most important thing..pls pls pls...dun count this in front of me.... if not..i will ki siao...!! wahahaha...

  • At 6:02 AM, Blogger mercedes said…

    You maybe right in stating that your RM6,000 fee is considered "cheap" when compared to other learning institutions (eg.overseas). In hindsight, one must not discount that what you are getting from your time in TARC is that you acquire learning. Learning comes in many forms - through direct teaching or indirect ones - self learning, learn through mistakes, learn while on the job/apprenticeship, learn from others and willing to go the extra mile to assist others & learn about yourself at the same time. For eg, when I was your age, I volunteered 4 hours a week to prepare meals for the elderly nearby. It wasn't hard, I just had to be on time and start washing & preparing vegetables for the meals. Then if I was lucky, I get to serve the meals. Out from this experience, I managed to get odd jobs at 3&4star restaurants - waiting and kitchen duties mostly so I can earn extra hours. I learn more about myself and also how to work with bossy people. Kitchen staff were very supportive as they came from poor background like me. These skills came in handy when I finished my studies and work with people from all races & backgrounds. I find myself solving problems more often than blaming others. I had made lots of mistakes (eg. answering back to lower staff- this habit is bad because it shows the worst side of our behaviour and also abusing of power) - which I learned and tried to remember everytime I get into a situation. I learnt to calm down & take time off during my free time to indulge in my favourite hobbies - helping the disadvantaged in our community and assisting kids in their projects. Because I came from a poor background, I really feel my duty to help others whenever I can. Sometimes, I am stuck in the office til 9pm - so I do not have as much time as before. Still, I write letters & cards for ppl that i hardly see. Emails are great too. Life is all about learning & loving yourself and treating others with respect because we are here for a short time and we have obligations to ourselves & our community. Learning is a lifelong concept - not just to get a diploma cert. Enjoy your college life, ignore what others say about your college & uni, learn about your likes, dislikes,your tolerance and discover your dreams. Ppl will always gossip on things including you, so keep on making your dreams come true. Ppl will still talk when you are older - let them be, don't emulate these ppl. Pick your own heroes and imitate their courage. Time is getting very quickly -before you know it, you will be graduating and fronting for a job. So treat your time in college as precious & treasure each person & lessons learnt. Good luck.

  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger venus said…

    for nutrition, go for local U

  • At 10:15 PM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    RM6K SO CHEAP!!!!

  • At 5:41 AM, Blogger mrbherng said…

    Hey brother, why promote A-Levels for Taylors?? Promote for TARC's SPUS come me more patriotic =P and it's freaking damn cheap too, just 5-6 k for the whole 18 months( of course minus the examination fees which is another story) and taylors will suck up 17-18k for 18 months.!! I had friends quiting taylor to go TARC to do their A-levels and said that the lecturers in TARC are way better for A-levels.
    Anyway, enjoy TARC's life...missed it so much....


  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger mrbherng said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah but do remember it's 6K for the diploma. But after that leh ??
    Mr. Bherng
    No way man !!! TARC Alevels lecturers truly suck. Big time dude !!!

  • At 1:50 PM, Anonymous rootified said…

    damn i'm paying 11k a year for my econ degree in MMU. and i heard they raised the charge on new intakes too


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