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Monday, July 03, 2006

Tag: 20 names

Name 20 people you can think of:)
1) Ice
2) Lim Xiao Min da coursemate
3) Milly
4) Failer
5) Ian
6) Carol
7) Dr Liew
8) Tee Ee Kang da teammember
9) LocKee
10) Andy Chong
11) Jason Lioh
12) Brian da treasurer
13) Su Zen
14) TNS
15) Chanlilian
16) Young Brat
17) Michael Ooi da classmate
18) Liew Jin Hao da teammember
19) Princess Sue May
20) Kg Kai

How did u meet #14? [TNS] Online. Seldom meet nowadays already.

What would your life be if u haven’t met #1? [Ice] My life will still go on and on...

What would u do if #20 and #9 dated? [Kg Kai & LocKee] *eat popcorns* *watch movies*

Would #6 and #17 make a good couple? [Michael Ooi & Carol] If height isn't a matter, if age allows, if both parties accept, why not?

Describe #3. [Milly] Girl. 19. Kiddies. Cute girl. Quite nice. Quite caring.

Do you think #6 is attractive? [Carol] Yeah. Slim. Tall. Why not?

Tell me something about #8. [Tee Ee Kang] Cheerful, easy-going boy.

Do you know anything about #12’s family? [Brian da treasurere] Father = Portuguese, Mother = Dutch.

What is #7’s favourite? [Dr Liew] RPCNs, Blizzard, Storm.

What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you? [Jason Lioh] @_@ Cannot!!!

What language does #15 speak? [TNS] Vulgar language.

Who’s #9 going out with? [LocKee] Kg Kai *run run run*

How old is #16? [Young Brat] 25 gua...

When was the last time you talked to #13? [Su Zen] Last week, or last last week, on MSN. Haven't meet her in real life. But I enjoy chatting with her

Who’s #2’s favourite singer? [Lim Xiao Min da coursemate] Jay Chou, Lee Hom.

Would you date #4? [Failer] Will soon.

Would you date #7? [Dr Liew] I've lost contact with him. Curious why he isn't online for a long time. Further more, he doesn't want to be dated much.

Is #15 single? [Chanlilian] Nope. Married, with 5 kids before.

What is #10’s last name? [Andy Chong] Don't know, he didn't mention before. Only JW.

Would you consider being in a relationship with #19? [Princess Sue May] Maybe, but not today=) Anyway, que sera sera...

What schools did #3 go to? [Milly] SRJK (C) ????, SMK Kepong Baru, TARC

Where does #6 live? [Carol] More to a nomad. She is currently now at Malacca, I think.

What is your favourite thing about #5? [Ian] Easy going.

Wat do you think about #13? [Su Zen] She is already self-contented with her pimple-less face. Body size isn't a matter to her *run away fast fast*. Erm... She is optimistic, childish, cheerful, and also sometimes straight forward.

What do #4 and #19 have in common? [Princess Sue May & Failer] A1 for SPM G-CEO Level. The contributors of Jaded. Both are more to philosophers. Like to think this and think that. But they seldom find a chance to spread their philosophies to their friends =P

What special qualities does #17 hold in your life? [Michael Ooi da classmate] Very friendly, a nice friends, is able to help when I'm in problem.

What is the most memorable memory you had with #18? [Liew Jin Hao da teammember] Talked about our society and learned bargaining from him. Hehehe...


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