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Thursday, August 17, 2006

English Homework

Dear ET (English Teacher),

I will post my homework here as I'm lazy to write on a piece of A4 paper. For all, this is what the cyberworld is emphasizing.

5 Differences between secondary school and college

1) School students were forced to only eat canteen’s food, while college students prefer to eat outside.
2) Schoolgirls tumpang on schoolboys’ bicycles while going back, while college girls tumpang on college boys’ cars.
3) Most of the school teachers are pregnant, while no pregnant teachers are found in college.
4) No foods are allowed in secondary school class, while foods should be shared with tutors in tutorials.
5) Funds were raised if one of the students’ parent passed away, while no actions were taken is any of the student faces problems.

5 Similarities between secondary school and college

1) Students are always proud of themselves when they have part-time jobs.
2) No toilet rolls in the toilets.
3) Canteen’s food still sucks.
4) Always desperate for money.
5) Students still sleep in the class when teachers/tutors/lecturers are teaching.