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Thursday, August 17, 2006

English Homework

Dear ET (English Teacher),

I will post my homework here as I'm lazy to write on a piece of A4 paper. For all, this is what the cyberworld is emphasizing.

5 Differences between secondary school and college

1) School students were forced to only eat canteen’s food, while college students prefer to eat outside.
2) Schoolgirls tumpang on schoolboys’ bicycles while going back, while college girls tumpang on college boys’ cars.
3) Most of the school teachers are pregnant, while no pregnant teachers are found in college.
4) No foods are allowed in secondary school class, while foods should be shared with tutors in tutorials.
5) Funds were raised if one of the students’ parent passed away, while no actions were taken is any of the student faces problems.

5 Similarities between secondary school and college

1) Students are always proud of themselves when they have part-time jobs.
2) No toilet rolls in the toilets.
3) Canteen’s food still sucks.
4) Always desperate for money.
5) Students still sleep in the class when teachers/tutors/lecturers are teaching.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tag: 20 names

Name 20 people you can think of:)
1) Ice
2) Lim Xiao Min da coursemate
3) Milly
4) Failer
5) Ian
6) Carol
7) Dr Liew
8) Tee Ee Kang da teammember
9) LocKee
10) Andy Chong
11) Jason Lioh
12) Brian da treasurer
13) Su Zen
14) TNS
15) Chanlilian
16) Young Brat
17) Michael Ooi da classmate
18) Liew Jin Hao da teammember
19) Princess Sue May
20) Kg Kai

How did u meet #14? [TNS] Online. Seldom meet nowadays already.

What would your life be if u haven’t met #1? [Ice] My life will still go on and on...

What would u do if #20 and #9 dated? [Kg Kai & LocKee] *eat popcorns* *watch movies*

Would #6 and #17 make a good couple? [Michael Ooi & Carol] If height isn't a matter, if age allows, if both parties accept, why not?

Describe #3. [Milly] Girl. 19. Kiddies. Cute girl. Quite nice. Quite caring.

Do you think #6 is attractive? [Carol] Yeah. Slim. Tall. Why not?

Tell me something about #8. [Tee Ee Kang] Cheerful, easy-going boy.

Do you know anything about #12’s family? [Brian da treasurere] Father = Portuguese, Mother = Dutch.

What is #7’s favourite? [Dr Liew] RPCNs, Blizzard, Storm.

What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you? [Jason Lioh] @_@ Cannot!!!

What language does #15 speak? [TNS] Vulgar language.

Who’s #9 going out with? [LocKee] Kg Kai *run run run*

How old is #16? [Young Brat] 25 gua...

When was the last time you talked to #13? [Su Zen] Last week, or last last week, on MSN. Haven't meet her in real life. But I enjoy chatting with her

Who’s #2’s favourite singer? [Lim Xiao Min da coursemate] Jay Chou, Lee Hom.

Would you date #4? [Failer] Will soon.

Would you date #7? [Dr Liew] I've lost contact with him. Curious why he isn't online for a long time. Further more, he doesn't want to be dated much.

Is #15 single? [Chanlilian] Nope. Married, with 5 kids before.

What is #10’s last name? [Andy Chong] Don't know, he didn't mention before. Only JW.

Would you consider being in a relationship with #19? [Princess Sue May] Maybe, but not today=) Anyway, que sera sera...

What schools did #3 go to? [Milly] SRJK (C) ????, SMK Kepong Baru, TARC

Where does #6 live? [Carol] More to a nomad. She is currently now at Malacca, I think.

What is your favourite thing about #5? [Ian] Easy going.

Wat do you think about #13? [Su Zen] She is already self-contented with her pimple-less face. Body size isn't a matter to her *run away fast fast*. Erm... She is optimistic, childish, cheerful, and also sometimes straight forward.

What do #4 and #19 have in common? [Princess Sue May & Failer] A1 for SPM G-CEO Level. The contributors of Jaded. Both are more to philosophers. Like to think this and think that. But they seldom find a chance to spread their philosophies to their friends =P

What special qualities does #17 hold in your life? [Michael Ooi da classmate] Very friendly, a nice friends, is able to help when I'm in problem.

What is the most memorable memory you had with #18? [Liew Jin Hao da teammember] Talked about our society and learned bargaining from him. Hehehe...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Learning Foreign Language

Dad : "I give you 2 options. Which foreign language do you want to learn? Japanese? Or French?"

Me : "For what?"

Dad : "So that when you come out and work, you can most probably communicate with other countries' and find some businesses from there."

Me : "Oh... Then ah... Learn Tamil lah, since India is coming up now."

Where to go?

I'm currently holidaying now, after my 2-weeks-exam. Forget about exam, and think of my holiday I'm bored. Where should I go to enjoy my holiday before it ends? I was thinking whether should I visit to our National Zoo, since I haven't been to there quite some time.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

金包银 (Gin Bao Yin)

song at here

Lyric :




English pin-yin version:

bak lang eh shin miah
shi kok gin gu bao yin
ngun eh shi miah mm tak chii
bak lak ah ah kui chui
shi gin yan nguok yi
ngun lak shi geh gong ueh
liam mi djiu chut dai ji
guai ngun eh loh tok shi
du diok pai buah lee
lang shi hoh mia kia
ngun di leh zueh hia di
ang ngo eh yao jiao the ngun ti
lin zai gang hoo shin buh you gii

sui ren shi zhueh hia di
ngun shim yah zhin hi bi
shio jiu buah ngun doh lit jii
gueh qi ya eh ong shu
mm ghaa thee kii
xiu beh guat tao giah
zhue yin bui boh yung kii

The English version pinyin is something like that.

Thanks to andy for the pin-yin traslation.

Monday, April 17, 2006

How an accountant counts?

I went back to my secondary school few days back ago. In the staff office...

Teacher : "Oh... Kiasi... Mana lu pergi???"

Me : "Tengah belajar."

Teacher : "Oh~~ Tengah belajar~~ Belajar di mana?"

Me : "TAR Kolej."

Teacher : "Oh... Belajar apa?"

Me : "Diploma dalam perakaunan."

Teacher : "Oh... Ini cina semua kaya-kaya belaka lah~~~ Semua pun pergi IPTS-IPTS... Berapa kos dia?"

Me : "6 ribu untuk 2 tahun."

Teacher : "Wahhhhh~~~~ $$ Mahal giler..."

Me : "Cheap what... RM6000 for 2 years. You go other institute and see..."

Teacher : *underestimating look* "RM6000 what, RM6000 what. You pay and see. Go apply matrix or worse come to worse, go Form 6 lah... And then can go for local U summore. 'U' summore."

Me : "But for accounting, TARC is still one of the best in Malaysia."

Teacher : "TARC is a college only..."

Now many people, especially those people who think that private colleges are expensive, have one perception - "Local universities are the best."

RM6000 is considered cheap, I mean for 2 years period. Ignore my partly-scholarhip. The teacher whom I chatted with her on that day, is actually quite rich. Master in BM, has only one kids (number of kids does determine the wealth of a family, ok?), and has a maid.

Now let us calculate (now I'm a accounting trainee already):

A maid's monthly salary = RM400
A maid's yearly salary = RM4800
A maid's 2-years salary = RM9600

*food, accomodation, pass are not included yet.

So, what do you think.

Take it another way, people always said, studying Form 6 is just wasting your time.

Let's calculate again (accounting trainee):

wait for SPM result = 3 months
wait for Form 6 school reopens = 3 months
study form 6 = 18 months
wait for result = 3 months
wait for universities intakes = 3 months
degree course = 36 months
total = 66 months (5.5 years)
mine = 54 months (4.5 years)
net loss = 1 year

now, let's calculate the salary (accouting trainee liao):

If fortunate, I'll be graduating at 21, which means I can work for 34 years.
For a local U graduate, he/she will be graduating at 22, which means can work for 33 years.

The one year difference is not calculated by the fresh-grad paid, but the 34th-year salary, as the one who escapes from Form 6 has the 34 years of experience. So, my aiming isn't that high. I work for 34 years. By that time, just put a RM5000 figure. Subtract the taxes, inflation rate, and miscellaneous, left RM2000 (satisfy?). My one year earning will be RM24000 (12*RM2000). Enough to cover the RM6000? Yes.

Of course, universities are good. But due to the high demand, students tend not to get what they want.

In fact, selections of tertiary education level depend on what course do you want. For psychology, go for HELP University College. For business administration, got for Nottingham University. For Accounting, go for TARC. For law, go for Brickfield College. For electric & electronic, go for MMU. For pre-u, go for Taylors. For medicine and others, I think local u still rule.

But back to my situation, the course fees, are actually slightly more expensive by a little bit. A local u grad has to pay around RM4000 (is it? correct me if I'm wrong). If refer back, one year's difference is only RM1000. But my current situation is partly covered by scholarship due to my 9A's *kembang*. So, who is losing?

I'm here not to go against the local universities. But just compare both. Who the hel said that RM6000 is considered expensive?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Blood Donating and Period

I always heard from others that girls often easily get angry during their period because they lose alot of blood. Thus, I put it a try and went to donate my blood last Wednesday. It wasn't anything and I finished it with a smiling face and a smiling heart.

I don't understand why.

Why we feel happy after donating our blood while the girls often easily get angry during their period?

Thursday, March 30, 2006 not at Google Search Engine?

I was searching blogs and blogs to read just now, and then in a sudden Kenny Sia came into my mind.

I googled for his blog at Google, as I'm too lazy to direct to his blog via my bloglink. But the result, nothing. I scroll up and down, next and next, still nothing. There's just other webpages which link to his site.

As a lazy bum again, I was too lazy to click to those webpages to direct to his blog. I search up and down, results after results.

Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong to our "Malaysia Blogger King"?